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THE FIELD offers year round football training to youth, middle school, high school and college-bound aged athletes.  THE FIELD's mission is to fully train current and future football players in the fundamentals of the world's greatest team sport as well as to help nurture skills that are needed to be successful not only in athletics but also in life.    The coaches of THE FIELD believe in developing young football players in three primary areas:

Physical Development

All athletes will be trained and pushed hard from a purely physical standpoint which will include: Mastering fundamentals building physical toughness Improving strength, speed, quickness and endurance

Mental Development

All athletes will be pushed in various ways to strengthen themselves from a mental standpoint which will include: Building mental toughness through stringent, intense physical workouts and mental exercises throughout the training process

Spiritual Development

Our organization is Christian-based.  Our beliefs and approaches our centered around Biblical principles.  We believe it is paramount and that we are called to lead our youth in the direction of building strong, positive character so that they will in turn be positive role models and positive influences in their schools and communities. 

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